Pearce Media

Pearce Media specialises in broadcast production and development providing media owners with a comprehensive consultancy service for the fast moving Radio, TV and digital landscape of the 21st century.

  • "A Radio Station In A Box" - Location, studio design and scheduling systems
  • Station format; On-air targeting and branding
  • A content provider for programmes, features and documentaries
  • An extensive music library
  • Direct access to high profile brands
  • Key staff recruitment
  • Key talent recruitment
  • Digital programme distribution - storage
  • IT infrastructure - IT support and training
  • Website - Construction, content and streaming
  • Pod casts - Social media

Pearce Media was formed in 1987 to handle radio programme production from conception, creation, distribution, marketing and sponsorship through to the liaison with commissioning advertisers and the broadcasting organisations.

This expanded into television and digital media offering a full broadcast consultancy service; targeted and/or branded content providers, station branding and formats - RSL Event Radio stations - digital and IT services.

Pearce Media has provided content and resources for many leading broadcasters. These include BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC World Service, The Uk's Independent Radio Network, Meridian Television (ITV), Virgin Radio, VH1 and BSkyB.

Our remit covers both speech content and music output. This includes music presentation, celebrity interviews, programme features, news, sport and current affairs. For example;

SOUNDCHECH - A series of one hour programmes featuring interviews with top recording artists, such as Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, INXS, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Dire Straits and Sir Paul McCartney. All packaged for Top 40/Contempory stations. Soundcheck has been broadcast on stations across the UK independent network and via satellite across 15 European counties. 

Event Radio - Pearce Media has provided staff and content for several 'Event' Radio stations in the UK and abroad. These include Radio Le Mans in France (for the annual 24 hour race) and Radio Silverstone in the UK (for the British Grand Prix and other race meetings).

In-Flight Radio - Music and features for airlines including; British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Cathy Pacific and Emirates.